Exercises with a butterfly escapander

The best exercises with a butterfly expander for the hips and buttocks

It’s summer and beach season is in full swing. Some of you have spent all winter and spring preparing for the season, while others frantically try to find a miracle-tool for an ideal figure, which can be obtained in three days.

butterfly escapanderIf someone is upset when they learn that such a tool does not exist, contact me. I will not find a miracle tool, but I’ll tell you about some miraculous exercises. Then, when beach season is in your search engine, only the phrases “order a tour to the sea”, “the best resorts and hotels” and “swimwear catalog” will flash.

And now I’m happy to share with you the same miracle-tool that will help you achieve better results. I present to you the butterfly expander exercises for hips and buttocks, which are distinguished by their simplicity and high efficiency.

Stop Eating!

Friends, I write specifically for those who need to be reminded that you cannot eat everything in a row all day and stay slim and fit (unless you are certainly a happy owner of an asthenic type of build, although it would be nice for them to adhere to proper nutrition).

Proper nutrition (PP), harmony, health, and beauty have long been conditionally considered synonymous. I strongly recommend that everyone thoroughly study the basics of PP, but if you do not want to do this at all, then watch out for my materials. In the near future, I will share with you the secrets of a healthy menu.

What Kind of Butterfly?

Sports equipment vary a lot. Rubber expanders are very popular , but we are interested in the “Butterfly”, which is made for working the hips and buttocks, based on the principles of elastic deformation.

It is small and well suited for home use and busy people can work out in the car or office (but I have two hands for a full-time occupation, when you can devote 100% of the time to give to yourself and your body).

Like a Nut …

Exercises designed to strengthen the hips and buttocks are the same for women and men in most cases, except that the number of repetitions and the weight of additional equipment distinguish them. As for exercises with the “Butterfly” – they are universal and great for both men and women.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of videos that will help you perform the technique of exercises as precise and diversified activities. My task is to tell you what you will get as a result, performing this or that complex. What is Ultima-Arimidex

Exercise for the Inner Surface of the Legs

Exercises for the inner surface of the legs can be performed from standing, sitting and lying. The simplest and most classic example is sitting on a chair, clamp your mini-simulator with your hips and begin to perform mixing and breeding.

It would seem that something is so complicated. Just at this time your little assistant will make your training process much more difficult for you. But do not lose heart, it will be hard only the first few classes and then you will get involved.

It is well known that it is difficult to strengthen the inner thighs and there are not too many special exercises. I will try to advise you on how to modify the exercises. There is dynamic and static work of muscles. It is proven that the static work of muscles forces you to expend more calories.

Leaving your legs together with the expander, try to stay at the maximum stress point for 3-5 seconds (you can easily increase the time and up to 30 seconds, and up to 1 minute, it all depends on your capabilities), then slowly spread your legs. In no case do not make sudden movements, so as not to accidentally injure the muscle or ligaments.


Exercise for the Buttocks and the Inner Surface of the Legs

  • Go down on the floor on your back, squeeze the butterfly with your hips. Slowly lift the pelvis upward, squeezing the “butterfly”, stay at the top point for 3-5 seconds and take your time returning back to the starting position. With this same exercise, you can perform in static, keeping the highest point at the maximum possible time. Soon your buttocks will become like a nut!
  • Take the position of the body on its side and bend the legs in the knees and clamp the expander, slowly reducing and diluting the knees. The secret is the same – stay at the maximum stress point for a while and do not rush to relax the muscles

Beauty in the arms

Expander “Butterfly” can be deservedly called a universal thing. It is suitable not only for the thighs and buttocks, but also helps to perfectly work the upper part of the trunk.

Raise the expander at the chest level, spread the elbows in different directions and slowly draw your hands. Stay in this position for 3-5 seconds and then return to the starting position. While performing the exercise, you will perfectly strengthen the muscles of the arms, chest, and back.

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