Swing the wings at home

Swing the wings at home | The best lat exercises

Consider a few exercises, namely pumping your wings with dumbbells and training on the bar. You should know in advance that a person who decides to engage on his own will require a sufficiently high level of self-control and discipline. If you can not cope with your laziness, but you really want to pump up wings and do it quickly, it’s best to go to the gym at once and be supervised by a coach.

Striving for a Goal is the Key to Success

If you are still interested in how to pump the wings on your own at home, then you have come to the right place. It does not matter what the ultimate goal is that you set for yourself, whether you want to pump up large wings, or the purpose of training is to bring the muscle corset to the tonus, the main thing to remember is that the main obstacle to achieving this goal is to overcome your laziness and train regularly. If this is possible, congratulations. You will probably achieve good results. We will tell you how to inflate the wings at home with training on the horizontal bars, dumbbells.

During the first 30 days of intensive training, you will understand the training process itself and you will understand how to inflate the wings and get the first noticeable results in the growth of the back muscles (in parallel, other muscles involved in the training will grow). Continuing to train, after a while you will develop beautiful and relief muscles of the back.


Push-ups using stops

  1. We rest our hands in stools or other available stops.
  2. Put your hands at the width of your shoulders. Legs should also be placed on the stop, it is desirable that the foot rest is at the level of the hands.
  3. Stops use, in order for the breast to fall below the palm line during the push-up process.
  4. In the process of repetition, follow the correctness of the performance, do not forget about breathing, gently inhale on the rise and also exhale, dropping the body down.

Before moving on to the next push-up exercise, you need to repeat 4 approaches 10-15 times. In the training process, you can increase the load depending on your progress.

 push-ups using stops 

We are engaged, using dumbbells

The essence of the exercise is that the pumping occurs here with the use of weights or dumbbells in training. Consider an exercise called traction dumbbells, do it in the slope.

  1. The body in a stable position, make a forward slope of 80-90 degrees, if you came out to achieve a right angle, the exercise performed will be effective. Carrying out the slopes, it is important to try to maintain the right angle of the trunk – this is the main condition under which the training will have the right load on the muscles of the back.
  2. While in a tilt position, spread your arms around the sides. It is important to get them as high and as wide as possible, the effectiveness of the load depends on this. Do not bend your arms while lifting in the elbow joints, make sure that your hands are even, otherwise the effectiveness of the workout will decrease.

You need to make 3 sets in each of 10 repetitions. In the process of training, as physical strength grows, try to add weight to the cargo.

Exercises with dumbbells  a focus on the bench

  1. It is necessary to take a dumbbell in the left or right hand (in order)
  2. If you started the exercise with the left hand, you need to stand on the right side of the bench, rest against it with the knee of the right leg and right hand, with your left foot make an emphasis for balance, straighten your arm with dumbbells, maximally relax it, holding the load with a brush. The back is parallel to the bench.
  3. We inhale, strain the back muscles and lift the dumbbell, with a slight rotation of the body slightly to wind it behind the back, here begins the work of the muscles of the back.
  4. Exhaling we return the hand with the load to the starting position and repeat 8-10 times.

We supplement our training sessions with a horizontal bar

Very good load on the wings is created during training on the bar. This is a complex exercise where you use almost all the muscles of the upper body.

In the process of pulling up, the muscles, breasts, shoulders, forearms, biceps and triceps are involved, but the main load is on the wings.

How to pump up the wings and do it quickly? The most effective for this exercise is rightly considered, classes on the crossbar, such exercises will be most affordable for you at home.

Observe the following rules when working on a horizontal bar:

  • Keep your balance, make sure that the body does not sway to the side – this way you will greatly enhance the effect of the exercises, during the training. In control over the position of the body you will be helped by legs crossed in the field of ice.
  • Pulling up try to do the most technically, only after that, think about achieving the maximum possible number of repetitions. There are various techniques of pull-ups, below are several options.

exercises with dumbbells

First option
  • Exercise is done with the usual grip of the horizontal bar.
  • Hands hold on to the bar with a distance slightly wider than the shoulders, in the process of lifting the blades are reduced to each other.
  • During the training, the repetitions are done without jerks, smoothly, the sight is directed to the crossbar.

Eliminate rest breaks between repetitions. They can not be done because of the reduced effectiveness of training.

The second option

Such exercises are called pull-ups on a wide grip. They are performed in the same way as in the above-described variant, but the hands are located on the crossbar, with the maximum wide grip. For this reason, the lesson was given its name. In the process of your physical evolution caused by persistent training, supplement this exercise with alternating approaches with pulling the crossbar over your head, try to achieve such a level of technique that in the final phase of pulling up, shoulders touched the horizontal bar.

If, as a result of hard work, you will miss your own weight, supplement the load by attaching a load to a strong belt, or ask to hang at your partner’s feet.

Do it with your partner. The partner takes your legs back, the angle is about 45 degrees to the vertical in this position, you pull yourself up. Thus, when performing this exercise on the wings, the load is the maximum.

swing the wingsIntensity of training

In the process of training, try to load all the muscles of the torso. Do at least 3 sets per muscle group with at least 8 repetitions. Focus on basic exercises. Constantly increase the load, adding weight, this is the key to the growth of muscle mass. Do not forget to let the body recover, sleep well and eat.

Fight with laziness, control yourself. The desired result can be achieved only by regular and persistent trainings, if you have not set yourself up for hard work, it is better not to waste your time in empty.

Training program with the addition of bars

First day

  1. Pull ups – pulling up to the chest, grip as wide as possible (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  2. Thorn – grip shoulder width (10 repetitions 4 approaches);
  3. Thrust of dumbbells in hand, in the slope (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  4. The turnstile is pull-ups, the grip is the reverse on the width of the shoulders (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  5. Pull ups – normal grip (10 repetitions of 4 approaches).

Second day

  1. Push-ups against the wall (10 repetitions of 4 sets);
  2. Thrust dumbbells with an emphasis on the bench (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  3. The turnstile is pull-ups, the maximum wide grip (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  4. Push-ups from the stops (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  5. Push-ups, elbows to the sides (10 repetitions of 4 approaches).

The third day

  1. Push-ups with the usual grip, elbows back (20 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  2. Pull ups – pull the upper part of the back (10 repetitions of 4 sets);
  3. Pull ups – changing the grip of the crossbar (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  4. Turning – pulling up the usual grip on the width of the shoulders (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  5. Pull ups with a narrow grip (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  6. The turnstile is pulling by the head with a wide grip (10 repetitions of 4 approaches).

Fourth day

  1. Bars – push-ups, grip of hands behind the back (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  2. Thrust of dumbbells with an emphasis on the bench (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  3. Push-ups from the stops (10 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  4. Bars – push-ups of elbows to the sides (20 repetitions of 4 approaches);
  5. Pull ups with a narrow grip (10 repetitions of 4 approaches).
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