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Proper daily regime to burn fat

Today it has become very fashionable to adhere to the so-called healthy lifestyle: people give up bad habits (smoking, drinking), trying to exercise or even turn into real athletes. In particular, great attention is paid to the products of the nutritional ration (most people consider the calories of the product, determine the energy value and usefulness, while looking for the label “non-GMO” on the label).

All this is correct, and it is very good that people, at last, think about their own health. However, some people miss an important element – a rational and clearly planned daily routine. If you make the correct schedule of the day, then you can burn fat by 5 kg in three days, you just have to strictly follow everything.

The fact is, the main factor that leads people to overweight is the wrong day regimen, in particular, the sleep schedule, a spoiled diet, lack of exercise.

Beautiful young woman stretching in the morning
Beautiful young woman stretching in the morning

The main thing is sleep

First of all, I would like to note that if a person during the day did not perform any physical exertion at all, then the wakefulness period noticeably increases.

  • That is, if your day was spent mostly on a “favorite” sofa or on a computer chair, you will not be able to fall asleep quickly.
  • In addition, with this mode of the day, one usually wants to sleep not after 16 hours (which is often the norm), and after at least 18-20 hours.
  • At the same time, these “extra” hours pass completely to no avail, since it is practically impossible to force one’s own brain to engage in any business (it remains in the resting stage).
  • Doing training also will not work, because the mood is not the same.
    As a result, it remains to do nothing again, and as a result, “trips” to the refrigerator increase, and with them extra pounds on your body.
  • Most people who observe this incorrect regimen try to fall asleep for a long time, but nothing happens, because the problem of insomnia is a physiological problem, not a psychological one, as many people think, and is directly dependent on idleness.
  • In addition, the day, as you know, consists of 24 hours, if a person falls asleep later than the allotted time, and he needs to wake up at the same time as the previous day, then he takes these few hours from his own sleep.
  • It is recommended to go to bed no later than 22-23 hours. For a good night’s sleep, 5-6 hours is enough.
  • If you allow yourself to sleep much longer, then this ultimately leads to considerable problems. In particular, the so-called “broken” sleep mode, takes away a huge amount of energy from you, from time to time there is unexpected drowsiness, brain activity decreases, as the biological sleep hours are completely knocked down.

The paradoxical conclusion is the following: the longer you rest, the worse during the day you feel. Very well invigorating banana slimming drink, which nourishes and contains few calories.

Woman Enjoying the Morning
Woman Enjoying the Morning

However, what should people with a passive lifestyle do?

  • To regulate sleep, you should, without doubt, daily expose your body to physical stress.
  • This does not mean going to the gym, swimming and jogging hyperextensions at home, but does not exclude these procedures from your daily routine.
  • It is quite enough, for example, to use the walk to work or to organize long walks to sleep, or simply to engage in the process of cleaning your apartment.
  • Important active, diverse body movements!

Day regimen for weight loss

As is known, there is a common division of types of people into larks (active in the morning and in the afternoon) and owls (awake in the evening and at night).

  • “Lark” – the type of people who have a tendency to wake up early in the morning, and fall asleep, often, until midnight. Just from morning till noon, their head “understands” best of all, active vigor and energy are observed.
  • “Owls” is a type of people who prefer to wake up closer to dinner and fall asleep in the middle of the night.

It should be noted that the erroneous opinion is the statement that it is impossible to remake your body under the desired sleep pattern. That is, if you are the type of people “owl”, then the lark will never become. Yes, at first it will be difficult, however, in the end result, the body will cultivate the habit of getting up early.

Woman sitting in armchair and reading magazine at home
Woman sitting in armchair and reading magazine at home

In early waking up, there are a lot of advantages:

  • the possibility of meeting the dawn;
  • availability of time for cooking breakfast;
  • no traffic jams on the way to work;
  • increased performance
  • lack of insomnia.

And most importantly, early waking up helps to improve health.

Get up earlier – and your body will certainly thank you with a great mood, well-being and, of course, excellent forms!

An example of a normal day schedule

The daily routine is a predetermined, well-ordered lifestyle.

We propose to adhere to the following recommendations of the daily routine, which will radically change your life for the better:

  • rise and hang up should be carried out at a set time;
  • waking from sleep should be quick;
  • mandatory morning exercises;
  • indispensable breakfast;
  • daily exercise (in a variety of forms);
  • adherence to diet;
  • every day is obliged to take place with effective actions aimed at fat burning;
  • varied outdoor activities.

Day regimen

What problems may arise if you follow these guidelines?

  • First of all, it is an awakening at the designated time. Solve this problem with alarms.
  • As for the end, then try to go to bed on time, eliminating everything that can distract you (TV, lights, etc.).
  • Also, there may be a breakdown of the daily routine during unplanned trips, meetings, feeling unwell, etc. In such situations, do not get upset, but just in the near future to resume the daily routine.

The most important enemy to your dream of becoming slim is laziness. Here is a solution to one of two things: either you will win, or you will win.

We offer you a proven day regimen that promotes intensive fat burning:

  • Awakening: 07.30
  • Charging: 07.30 – 08.00
  • Breakfast time: 08.00 – 08.15
  • Morning hygiene daily procedures: 08.15 – 08.30
  • Walking to work: 08.30 – 09.30
  • Work: 09.30 – 17.30
  • The road from work: 17.30 – 18.30
  • Gymnasium: 18.30 – 20.30
  • The way home: 20.30 – 21.00
  • Everyday affairs: 21.00 – 21.15
  • Yoga, exercise: 21.15 – 21.45
  • Evening hygiene procedures: 21.15 – 22.00
  • Rest: 22.00 – 23.30
  • Night standby: 23.30

With regard to weekends, the daily routine may change slightly due to lack of work. For example, a trip to the gym can be transferred in the morning, and at another time to do – rest, shopping, cleaning the apartment, walk in the fresh air.

Late evening at home
Late evening at home

It is also necessary to “allocate” time for a diet, the Atkins diet and diet models are considered to be very effective.

Scientists have long proved that by following the correct daily routine, you can effectively burn fat, increase efficiency and improve health!