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Jay Cutler Steroid Cycle: Biography & Workout

Jay Cutler is a professional American bodybuilder, one of the most awarded bodybuilding athletes in its history. The most significant awards of the athlete, by all accounts, are four victories at the Mr Olympia tournament (in 2006-2007 and 2009-2010) and three at the Arnold Classic (in 2002, 2003 and 2004).

Jay Cutler Biography

Future bodybuilder Jay Cutler was born on August 3, 1973 in Worcester (Massachusetts). After Boston, it is the second most populous city in the state. Jay grew up in a family of farmers. Since childhood, he was accustomed to hard physical labor, even earned money, helping his older brother and father at construction sites. Constant physical activity and healthy nutrition allowed the guy to develop an athletic physique from a young age.

Jay Cutler became interested in bodybuilding at the age of 18. Prior to that, I was engaged with iron only periodically, and with a bias in powerlifting. In the first year of training, the beginner athlete could not achieve visible progress, since he made mistakes typical for beginners: he carried out many hours of daily training, performed an overestimated number of exercises, sets and repetitions.

Then Cutler focuses on self-education: he reads bodybuilding literature, analyzes mistakes and modernizes workouts. The results were not long in coming: at the age of 20, the athlete wins his first major victory – in 1993 he wins the “NPC Iron Bodies Invitational” in the junior middleweight category. Then, in the same 1993 and after in 1995, he bypasses the competitors in the middleweight division at the “NPC Teen Nationals” and “NPC US Tournament of Champions”, respectively, and in 1996, having triumphantly performed at the “NPC Nationals” in the heavyweight division, he achieved professional status.

Inspired by his own successes, Jay Cutler moved to Los Angeles (California), which is considered the Mecca of bodybuilding. But he does not stay there for a long time, because, firstly, he is disappointed in the local bodybuilding community, and secondly, he does not see the benefits of living in this city. Jay returns home.

After performing and winning the Night of Champions in 2000, bodybuilder Jay Cutler moved to California for the second time. This time not in the bustling Los Angeles, but in the calm Lake Forest. Here he continues to train hard, preparing for future achievements: his competitive weight rises from 113 to 120 kilograms.

Jay Cutler, ranked second at the “Mr Olympia” from 2001 to 2005 and won the “Arnold Classic” in 2002, 2003 and 2004, is firmly established among the leaders of the world’s bodybuilding. He is second only to Ronnie Coleman, who, thanks to his amazing genetics, dominates bodybuilding (practically did not lose from 1996 to 2005).

The athlete decides that he will give all his strength and resources, but by all means will win at Mr Olympia 2006. By tightening the back and hamstrings, which, according to experts, were the Cutler’s weak points, he achieves his goal: he takes first place, bypassing Coleman. Together with the coveted trophy, he receives $ 155,000 in prize money.

Subsequently, Jay Cutler demonstrates his own superiority three more times at the main bodybuilding tournament, however, not in a row, but with a break. At Mr Olympia 2008, he unexpectedly loses to Dexter Jackson. Up to this point, Jackson has climbed several times to high positions (third-fourth places at Mr Olympia in 2002-2007), but has never been the favorite.

Interesting fact: in 2003, at one of the amateur competitions, Cutler met Phillip Heath, then a budding beginner. Jay immediately notices the guy’s physical potential and takes him under his wing. For 3 years of joint training, the student achieves the status of a professional, and after another 5 years he wins his own teacher. At Mr Olympia 2011, the podium looked like this: first place was Phillip, second was Jay, and third was Kai Greene.

Jay Cutler has retired these days (although it is believed that he has not finally retired). Perhaps in the future we will still see him on the podium of some competition. The last official championship in which the athlete took part was Mr Olympia 2013: the result is sixth place among twenty participants. What is Geneza Pharma GP T3

jay cutler steroid

Bodybuilding Titles

At his peak, Jay Cutler had impressive anthropometric data, which, coupled with harmoniously pumped muscles, allowed him to bypass Ronnie Coleman himself, who is considered, if not the best, then one of the best bodybuilders in history:

  • 176 centimeters tall;
  • 121 kilograms of weight;
  • 50 centimeters of neck circumference;
  • 57 centimeters of biceps circumference;
  • 145 centimeters chest girth;
  • 91 centimeters of waist circumference;
  • 76 centimeters hip circumference;
  • 49 centimeters of shin circumference.

Thanks to his phenomenal physical condition, Jay Cutler won numerous amateur and professional tournaments (in total under 20 first places). Here are just those titles that were won by an athlete in the 21st century:

  • 1st – Night of Champions 2000;
  • 1st – Arnold Classic 2002;
  • 1st – Arnold Classic 2003;
  • 1st – Ironman Pro Invitational 2003;
  • 1st – San Francisco Pro Invitational 2003;
  • 1st – Dutch Grand Prix 2003;
  • 1st – British Grand Prix 2003;
  • 1st – Arnold Classic 2004;
  • 1st – Austrian Grand Prix 2006;
  • 1st – Romanian Grand Prix 2006;
  • 1st – Dutch Grand Prix 2006;
  • 1st – Mr. Olympia 2006;
  • 1st – Mr. Olympia 2007;
  • 1st – Mr. Olympia 2009;
  • 1st – Mr. Olympia 2010.

Since the late 90’s, Cutler has trained under the guidance of consultant Chris Aceto, widely known by the nickname “Special”. Aceto is highly sought after by bodybuilders as a training and nutrition expert.

Jay Cutler stopped competing after Mr Olympia 2013, convinced that professional bodybuilding was not doing him well. And still I didn’t give up sports. Nowadays, he continues to study in the gym, which can be confirmed on the official pages of the bodybuilder on social networks – Instagram and Facebook.

Jay Cutler today is a trainer, businessman and bachelor. He is now focused on personal development and training for young bodybuilders. Until recently, he was married to Kerry Cutler. Jay and Kerry met while at school. They got married in 1998. The wedding ceremony was held in Las Vegas (Nevada). But later the couple broke up.

For reference: Cutler’s personal business, the Cutler Nutrition campaign (also known as the Cutler Elite Series), focuses on sports nutrition and equipment.

jay cutler workout

Jay Cutler Workout

Jay Cutler’s training proceeded in almost the same mode for almost the entire season. The athlete pumped each muscle group once a week. The exception was the back, which he worked twice a week in preparation for Mr Olympia 2006. This was done deliberately, because, according to the athlete and experts, the spinal muscles remained the only ones inferior to those of Ronnie Coleman.

Jay Cutler did not divide training into cycles. The intensity of the split depended only on the well-being of the bodybuilder: if he understood that he was tired, then he worked with moderate weights and fewer repetitions. Each muscle group had an average of 4-5 exercises for 2-4 sets (in the approach ≈ 8-10, less often 6 repetitions). Rest between sets is short, however, sufficient to restore strength ≈ 1-2 minutes, depending on which exercise was performed – basic or isolated.

Jay Cutler’s workout program was not a pyramid. The bodybuilder preferred to train with the same weight in all sets of a particular exercise. But there is one caveat: before the main approaches, he usually did 2-3 intermediate ones using reduced, but still impressive weights. So, to some extent, the “pyramid” was still present in his training plan.

A personal technique that Jay Cutler resorted to in training is preliminary stretching with maximum filling of the pumped muscle group with blood. For this, he chose mainly isolated exercises. The movements in them were performed in a measured manner with complete control over the entire amplitude. Only after such a “warm-up”, having stimulated the necessary muscle groups, Cutler proceeded to the main loads.

Jay adhered to a moderate yet intense pace of training: movements in the negative phase of the exercise were slow, and in the positive phase they were explosive. At the same time, he never sacrificed technique, did not resort to beats or swinging the body, with which he connects success in developing his own back, chest and shoulders.

Approximate training plan (split) Jay Cutler: day 1 – deltas and traps in the morning, triceps in the evening; day 2 – quads and abs in the morning, hamstrings and low-intensity back work in the evening; day 3 – rest; day 4 – chest, abs and calves in the morning, biceps and forearms in the evening; day 5 – the only high-intensity back workout; day 6 – rest; day 7 – a new cycle began by analogy.

To ensure that the training program was carried out without errors, Jay Cutler, from the beginning of his competitive career, kept a diary in which he recorded the splits performed, working weights, the number of sets and repetitions, and also recorded the diet. This allowed him to competently track and make effective adjustments to the training.

jay cutler steroid cycle

Jay Cutler Steroid Cycle

Jay Cutler is one of those bodybuilders who do not like to talk out loud about sports doping, especially when it comes to his own use of this doping. For a long time, Jay has argued that he avoids illegal drugs in sports. Just what are his interviews with television channels and print publications with headlines such as “I have never used anabolic steroids” or “I only achieved success through training.”

However, later Jay Cutler still let slip that he was taking steroids in order to catch up and overtake Ronnie Coleman. True, without specific information, what drugs and in what quantity he used. The athlete’s steroid cycle is believed to include, among others: Sustanon, Methandienone, Oxymetholone, Nandrolone Decanoate, HGH, GW1516, Exemestane, and N2Guard supplement. These anabolic steroids were presumably used in high, although not the maximum doses compared to other professionals: ≈ up to 1500 mg of Sustanon per week of the first, ≈ 100 mg of Methandienone per day, ≈ 200 mg of Nandrolone Decanoate per day, ≈ 100 mg of Oxymetholone per day.

How much truth in these words, we are unlikely to ever know. As noted, Jay Cutler is not a fan of talking about using steroids. Most likely, even deleting anabolic steroids from the “black list” will not loosen his tongue. We can only hope that someone close to the athlete will write down his steroid cycles. When and if this happens, then we will definitely share with you!