home full-body cutting workout for women

How to get cut: home full-body cutting workout for women

Home training for the whole body for girls. Learn how to build muscle and lose fat at home without going to the gym.

Home full-body cutting workout for girls

This training will not only lead to the release of endorphins from a high-intensity load, but also create all the necessary prerequisites for a set of muscle mass. There will be five supersets in which we perform two exercises one after another. This is followed by a short rest period. This is a quick and effective way to train, with which you will get a good result without spending a lot of time on training. Key muscle groups: legs, arms, and core muscles. By performing exercises in supersets, the heart rate optimal for burning fat will be maintained.

Before you start the first superset, think carefully.

After completing both exercises in the superset, rest for 40 seconds. Then move on to the second bunch, and so on until you complete all five.

At the end of one lap rest as long as necessary for the recovery, before proceeding to the next round. Beginners are recommended to complete only 2 rounds, intermediate-level athletes – 3-4, and more experienced – 5.

home full-body cutting workout

Cutting Workout Plan: Warm-Up Sets And Supersets To Get Bulk

These warm-up sets will prepare you for the main training, which will make it more effective and safer.

  1. Running on the spot for one minute and 10 bodyweight squats – 2 sets.
  2. 20 lunges and 10 pushups from the floor – 2 sets.

Cutting Workout Plan In Supersets

Superset # 1 for ripped body

  • Bounce Squats – 15 reps.

Put your feet shoulder-width apart. Tighten your core muscles. Perform a full-amplitude squat and pull your arms back a bit. Jump up sharply and straighten your arms above your head. Keep squatting and jumping fast, with explosive pace.

  • Push-ups with the transition to the side plank – 16 repetitions.
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Beginners can perform this exercise from a kneeling position, more experienced athletes can do it in a classic lying position. Keeping tension in the muscles of the ab, do push-ups, then turn over to the side plank. After that, return to the lying position, push out and roll over to the other side. Read more about Geneza Pharma GP T3 here

Lean muscle superset # 2

  1. Steps-up on a chair + lunges back – 15 repetitions on each leg.

Place your right foot in the middle of the chair. Climb up on it. Lower it down and lunge back with your right foot. At the lower point of the lunge, both knees should be bent at 90 degrees, and the thigh should be parallel to the floor. Do 15 repetitions, then change legs.

  • Triceps push-ups from stool.

Place your hands at about shoulder height, with your knuckles looking out. Place your feet in front of the chair. Start to bend and unbend your elbows, trying to focus on the triceps.

How to get lean fast: superset # 3

  • Bulgarian Squats – 15 reps.

Place your toe on a chair. Position your front foot about a meter away. Lift your chest. Squat deep on your front foot, pointing the knee of your hind leg towards the floor, thus performing the Bulgarian squat. The center of gravity should lie on the heel of the front leg.

  • Rocking Plank – 16 repetitions.

Beginners can perform this exercise from a kneeling position, more experienced athletes can do it in a classic lying position. Lower yourself into the classic bar, placing your elbows under your shoulders and statically straining the abs. Extend your elbows and go to the usual emphasis lying. Then stand back on your elbows. It is important to keep your feet stationary when changing position.

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How to get buff: superset # 4

  • Gluteal bridge with leg lift – 10 reps.

Lie on the floor, legs bent and located close to each other. Tear your buttocks off the floor and strain them as much as possible. For stability, rest your hands on the floor. This will be your starting position. Raise one knee and straighten your leg, bend again and return to the starting position. Change legs with each repetition.

  • Cycling crunches + push-ups from a floor – 10 repetitions.

Lie on the floor. After doing the push-up, begin to move the knee toward the elbow. Move each leg alternately. Keep the abs energized and the whole body straight, as when doing the plank.

Superset # 5 for ripped muscles

  • Reverse plank – 30 seconds.

Sit on the floor, straighten your legs in front of you. Place your hands near your hips, fingers extend outward. Tighten your arms and shoulders, keep your chest raised. Raise your hips and buttocks as high as possible. Do not take your feet off the floor. More about Anastrozole

  • Reverse crunches – 15 repetitions.

Lie on the floor, bend your legs 45 degrees, stretch your arms above your head, press your lower back to the floor. Start curling by lifting your knees to chest level and reaching your feet with your hands. Repeat. If you are unable to keep your lower back from the floor, bend your legs to a larger angle to relieve tension from it.