How to gain muscle

How to gain muscle – 5 exercises for pumping muscles at the end of a workout

5 exercises for pumping muscles at the end of a workout. We offer you several exercises for the chest, legs, back, biceps and triceps for muscle gain.

5 exercises for pumping muscles at the end of a workout

Nothing beats the feeling when you exit the gym with a good pump. If you don’t have that feeling at the end of your workout, the following 5 exercises will help you create it.

Exiting a workout without a pump is a very annoying feeling. It seems like the whole training was wasted. If you have ever felt a real pump in training, you understand what it is about. The muscles are so full of blood that it seems as if the skin is now torn – of course, this is an amazing feeling.

But there are days when this cannot be achieved. There can be many reasons. In this case, our 5 exercises for pumping muscles at the end of the workout will also come in handy.



30 push-ups at different angles will allow you to work out all parts of the pectoral muscles. Sit at the bench. Do 10 pushups from the floor. Work at a slow pace: get down for two seconds, then pause down a bit and go up for two seconds too.

Immediately after that, put your hands on the bench and do another 10 push-ups at the same pace. When finished, put your hands on the floor and legs on the bench and do another 10 push-ups upside down to load the upper chest.

Do not change the execution speed. By the end of the first set, you will feel a pump in the chest, shoulders and triceps.

Perform another 2-3 sets of push-ups at different tilt angles with a rest between them of 45-60 seconds.


This technique is great for ending your back workout. Start pulling the dumbbell in an incline with light weight. For example, 50% of the maximum. Perform 6 repetitions. Too easy? Increase working weight by 2.5 kg without rest between sets. So you get to a weight of 75% of the maximum. Do 6 reps. It turns out 6 sets without rest, but this is only the beginning.

After you have done the sixth repetition with this weight, increase the weight of the dumbbell by another 2.5 kg. Do the set with this weight to failure.

From this point we will reduce the working weight: each set is then carried out to a complete failure. Ideally, in the latter set, you will work with dumbbells 2.5 kg heavier than the one you started with.

In total, you get 10 sets, 5 of them with 6 repetitions and 5 to failure. This will provide not only a crazy amount of work, but also an unrealistic blood supply. Remember that between sets you only have a couple of seconds of rest to take the right dumbbell.



This is a great option to complete your leg workout. It can be carried out both with bodyweight and with additional weights. A very interesting load is obtained if you hold a weight or dumbbell on your chest (as with goblet squats).

Put your feet shoulder-width apart first. Lunge a step further. Then do a back lunge (back forward). Immediately after this, make a lateral lunge. This is one repetition.

You need to perform 8-10 repetitions with one foot before starting to lunges with the other. Depending on how hard your leg workout was, one or two sets should be enough for you (especially if you do with extra weight).

Get ready to feel the fire in the quadriceps, thigh biceps and buttocks. It will be hard for you to walk a few more days after training, but such a strong pump is worth it.


This exercise will not only help pump up the deltoid muscles but also make the rotator cuff of the shoulder stronger.

To do this, you need the lightest dumbbells in the gym. Do not use heavy weight.

When you have chosen the weight, stand up straight and start writing all the letters of the alphabet in front of you.

In the first set, the letters should be small. When you have finished writing the entire alphabet with your dominant hand, do the same with your other hand. In total, you get 3 sets of 26 repetitions (one for each letter). In each set, the size of the letters should increase. Some letters will be much harder than others. Enjoy muscle burning and pump!


Have you heard about the “21” training method for biceps? Add to this the French bench press, and get a new exercise in order to finish off your arms – “42”.

Immediately after you have finished lifting the barbell to the biceps, proceed to the French bench press. Perform 7 repetitions at the top of the amplitude, 7 at the bottom and 7 at full. A total of 42 repetitions per arm. Biceps and triceps will burn with fire.

After the first superset, rest for 45-60 seconds before taking the next set. In total, 2-3 super-sets will turn out.

During the French bench press, the assistance of the insurer will come in handy.


Leaving the gym without a feeling of pump is a little pleasure. But now you can avoid this by completing one of the proposed exercises at the end of the workout. In addition, you have the option of ending for each workout in your split, so it’s a sin not to use it!