Exercises for pectoral muscles for women

Women, engaged in the gym, tend to spend most of their time training the legs and the press, neglecting other parts of the body. However, so that the figure of the girls develops harmoniously, sports activities should be aimed at training all the muscles in the complex. In this article, we will analyze the most effective exercises for chest tightening. Training of pectoral muscles will allow women with a small bust to slightly increase it due to the increase in muscle mass. Women with large chest such training is also useful – they allow you to tighten it, make it more elastic and beautiful. In order to become the owner of a tight elastic chest, it is necessary to regularly perform a set of exercises for the development of muscles, eat right, and also observe all the data in the article recommendations.

exercise for pectoral muscles

You can do exercises both at home and in the gym. Classes in the gym are more preferable for women, because:

  • allow you to perform a large set of exercises because of the variety of simulators,
  • there is an opportunity to deal with dumbbells of different weights (it is convenient for women, as it is possible to pick up a suitable load for any level of preparation, and then gradually increase it)
  • classes are under the control of the coach, which will tell you how to tighten the chest with the help of exercises, make a training program, give the necessary advice and recommendations.

To conduct effective training for women can be at home. For classes, you will need dumbbells (preferably different weights) and a bar. The complex of exercises for the training of the female chest can be added to the main occupations, and can be performed on separate days. To achieve a visible effect, women need to practice several times a week for 20-30 minutes.

There are many exercises for a features cardio exercises chest lift for women. Some of them, in addition to the pectoral muscles, are designed to develop other parts of the body (arms, shoulders), and the rest are isolating exercises that are aimed only at training the chest.

exercises for pectoral muscles for women

Basic exercises for the chest

Basic exercises are called exercises, in which not only the pectoral muscles work, but also other parts of the body (back, arms, shoulders). Below are the most effective basic exercises for chest enhancement:

  1. Push-ups – one of the best exercises to increase the elasticity of the female chest. At the first lessons you can take a stand and press on your knees bent, resting your hands on it (so it will be easier for you). Elbows bend by 90 degrees, chest try to tilt as low as possible. As you get used to the loads, you can remove the stand and press from the floor with straight legs (leaning with socks on the floor). When performing push-ups, make sure that the body is one straight line. Buttocks should not bulge upward or sag down.
  2. The dumbbell press can be performed by lying on an ordinary or inclined bench. In both cases, the technique of the exercise is the same: lie down on the bench, raise the straight arms with the dumbbells up (dumbbells hold the grip on oneself). Then slowly lower your arms down, bending your elbows 90 degrees, and repeat everything in reverse order. When moving upward, try to “push out” hands with dumbbells from the bottom position, squeezing the pectoral muscles as hard as possible. When moving down, take the shoulder blades together and try to stretch the chest. You can adjust the angle of the bench: the higher it is, the more the upper region of the chest and shoulders come into operation. Regardless of the angle of inclination, in the upper position of the hand, always keep perpendicular to the floor.


lifting the pectoral muscles for women


  1. Barbell bench press. While lying on an incline bench, take the barbell with a wide grip. Remove it from the stop and move down, bending your arms at the elbows. Then, on exhalation, return your hands to their original position.
  2. Push-ups on the uneven bars. When performing push-ups, the lower legs of the chest are well trained. The starting position: grasp the handles and lift the body up, straightening your arms. Keep your legs slightly bent, bend your elbows and move down, then go back. When moving the body downwards, pull the elbows back, and the body slightly tilt forward to reduce the load on the hands. Keep your back straight, do not help yourself with the movements of your legs.
  3. Pulling up. Starting position: on the horizontal bar with medium or wide grip, legs crossed and bent at the knees. Tighten, trying to reach out to the crossbar, and slowly go back

Chest Exercises

Isolating exercises in training should always follow the basic exercises. Such exercises are aimed primarily at developing the elasticity of the pectoral muscle, the remaining parts of the body here almost do not work (with the correct technique of implementation). The most effective isolated exercises for strengthening pectoral muscles are presented below:

  1. Exercise “butterfly”. It is carried out on the simulator. It is necessary to bring the blocks together and build back. The effort (reduction of the hands) do with exhalation, dilution – with inspiration. Back firmly against the seat and do not move it during the exercise.
  2. Reduction of hands on the block. Performed while standing between two racks of the simulator. It is necessary to take the handles of the simulator, and then pull them down, pulling your hands together. When doing the exercise, bend the arm slightly in the elbows, keep the back and legs still.
  3. Dilution of hands with dumbbells. Lie down on an incline bench, raise your arms slightly bent at the elbows with dumbbells to the top (palms facing each other). Having fixed the elbow joint, start slowly moving the arms in different directions. The dilution of the hands is performed on exhalation, the mixing – on inhalation. Dilution can also be performed on an inclined bench (the load on the upper part of the pectoral muscles increases).
  4. Pullovers. Exercise is done with dumbbells. Lie down on the bench (so that the head hangs slightly from it), lift the slightly bent hands upward, the palms are brought together, holding one dumbbell. On exhalation, put your hands back, behind your head (as low as possible). When doing the exercise, do not change the position of the elbow joints.

Tips for conducting classes

Each of the exercises proposed in the article should be performed by women in 2 sets of 15 times. At the first stage, conduct classes with small weights (3-4 kilograms). Then, when you feel that the muscles are no longer tired and the exercise is given too easily, increase the weight and the number of repetitions of each exercise.

pectoral muscles

Do not less than 2 times a week, adding a set of exercises to the chest to the main occupation or performing them on separate days. It is best to train the chest with the muscles of the back or hands. For each training day, make a set of 3-4 exercises. At the initial stage, take more time to perform basic exercises.

Before training, workout. It is necessary to warm up the muscles for the exercise. Carefully follow the technique of doing the exercises. Do them correctly, then the effect will not keep you waiting.

After training, stretch the pectoral muscles. You can do this as follows:

  1. Put your hands behind your back and grasp one by one with your fingers crossed. Slowly raise your hands up, stay at the extreme point and lower back.
  2. Stand in the doorway and spread your hands to the sides, resting against the walls on both sides. Holding hands, lean the upper part of the body forward, stretching the pectoral muscles.

Follow all the recommendations, and after a month of regular training your chest will become more tight and elastic.