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Burning fat for girls. The secret of the perfect figure | Hot brazilian women compilation

In a series of articles on the fight against fat, we first of all dealt with men’s problems, but after receiving a huge number of questions from our readers – by the way, 24% of their total audience – we decided to complete the cycle with special female material.

Coach-24daily mentioned that the male fat in the lower abdomen is very similar in structure to the female fat on the thighs, but we did not say that it is much more difficult to fight with female fat. Show this material to your girlfriend – believe me, she will be grateful.

Why are girls hard to lose weight?

Nature is doing everything possible to protect the main function of the body – the reproduction of their own kind, and female fat is much more difficult to mobilize and burn even under the influence of adrenaline and other “aerobic” hormones.

When the level of fat is 9-12%, girls stop the cycle: the body gives a clear and unambiguous signal that it will not be able to support the life of a possible child. By and large, losing weight to this level is regarded by the body as extremely unhealthy.

Weight loss problem
Weight loss problem

Thigh fat problem

The situation is quite common when, with a thin upper half of the body and a flat stomach, the girl has problems with excess fat in the lower half of the body. Unfortunately, in attempts to change this, many people use too radical methods.

Chest is another place of fat accumulation. But the fact that this fat is easily mobilized, and fat cells die at the same time, can not be called positive. In fact, with a dramatic weight loss breast decreases and is no longer restored.

How to lose weight for women correctly?

There are two good news: first, women are somewhat better than men, react to diets with a moderate restriction of carbohydrates to 50-70 grams. per day, and, secondly, the risk of loss of muscle mass during weight loss is not relevant for most women.

The first step to a slim figure is simple: limiting daily calories is strictly not more than 15-20%, controlling carbohydrates (not more than 50-70 grams per day), and moderate fat intake (about 20% of daily calories ). The rest is squirrels.

Losing weight in progress!
Losing weight in progress!

Training for women

Given that women do not have the goal to gain muscle mass, they can use weight training for fat loss. For this exercise should take place on an empty stomach, and the exercises should be performed with a large number of repetitions.

The optimal combination is ten minutes of cardio to warm up, then the workout itself in 10-12 exercises of 3-4 sets and 12-15 repetitions, then another twenty minutes of cardio. Once again, we note that in men, such training will burn muscles, not fat.

Women bodyweight training
Women bodyweight training

The secret of the Brazilian women

Brazilian women
Brazilian women

Few people know, but the secret of the ideal forms of Brazilian beauties is the pull of a barbell to a belt, the deadlift and squatting with a barbell. Girls do not spend time on meaningless information legs in exotic simulators, and perform basic exercises.

You need no more than 12 repetitions, but if you can do more, increase your working weight. Do exercises as slowly as possible (at least 2-4 seconds to move both up and down), and also achieve the perfect technique.

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Elastic hips and buttocks

Deadlift on straight legs is the best exercise for working on the gluteus and back muscles of the thigh. Plus, legs with legs with extra weight will be useful: standing on all fours, lift your straight leg up.

And, of course, do not be afraid to siphon up muscles – it is much more difficult for girls to gain muscle mass, and in order to “swing”, a course of hormonal therapy is needed. In ordinary life, even the use of large weights will not cause significant muscle growth.


To deal with women’s problematic fat on the hips is much more difficult than with the male lower abdomen. Women’s strategy should include moderate calorie and carbohydrate restriction, as well as workouts that combine cardio and basic exercises.