Training in the gym for men

3 Day a Week Workout Plan | 3 Day Full Body Workout Routine for Mass

Do you want to have a beautiful body and at the same time lead an active social life filled with events? You can easily obtain the body you want and only have to attend the gym only 3 times a week!

But, first things first. Let’s say that you follow a full exercise routine seven days a week, but at some point, also have to work, spend time with family, and live a decent social life, all of which can get crowded out. When this happens, you will have two options: either continue to visit the gym and lose out on any sort of life or give up the gym to live your life. You don’t have to make a choice. You can stay in shape with the right and effective three-day training program.

It is not a question of daily training of the back or chest. To stay in shape, and get stronger while training only three times a week, you need something just a tad more intense. The training program, developed by a certified specialist in power and functional training, called Chris Smith, will help you.

Instead of breaking up the training sessions into muscle groups, Smith combines them into three highly effective training sessions for the entire body. And it is right! The most effective training program involves all muscle groups.

It may sound crazy, but you know what’s even crazier? No more missed parties, family events, sporting activities, or cherished hobbies! If you dream of spending more time hanging out and less time training, here’s how:

three-day men's program


This three-day men’s program is aimed at all muscle groups. Smith praises this technique for one simple reason: high-intensity training affects the muscle fibers more often, which can lead to more muscle growth.

Quadriceps that you shake with front squats during the first training, having recovered, will be pumped again when you do squats with a barbell on your shoulders a couple of days later. As Smith explains, you pump the muscle, but do not wear it out, so that it recovers in a day or so.

Why choose a 3 day a week full body workout?

Full body or Full Body workouts is a program in which all major muscle groups are worked out in one session. In this program, multi-joint exercises prevail, but there is also a place for isolation.

Split training (unlike full body) is a lesson plan in which large muscle groups are worked out on separate days. For example, today you train your back and biceps, the day after tomorrow – the chest and triceps, and the day after – legs and shoulders. Split workouts require an exact adherence to the plan, otherwise you will not be able to harmoniously pump the whole body. To train on the split program, you need to allocate at least 3 free days a week, in addition, you need to find time for a press and cardio.

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Fullbody is suitable for those who have only 2-3 free days a week and even if it is only a weekend, training will still be effective. Unlike split programs, full body strength training can be done two days in a row and more often by varying exercises on different muscles.

What are the other benefits of full body training over split programs:

  • uniformly loads the body
  • allows you to work out each muscle group more often
  • provides more energy per workout
  • universally suitable for any purpose: weight loss, relief, tone

In addition, full body strength training can improve strength and endurance faster than split training. As a result, you will get not only a beautiful, but also a strong, agile, hardy body, which is not afraid of any physical activity.

How to make a 3 day workout routine for mass?

You can’t start training without a plan if you want to achieve results. We offer you 3 strength training plans for full body men: for muscle growth, for relief and for fat burning.

For muscle growth. Traditionally, to build up mass, they perform 7-10 repetitions in 3-4 approaches with a weight of 70-75% of the one-repeat maximum (maximum weight that you can lift once). For example, if you press 70 kg at a time, then for breast growth, work with a weight of at least 50 kg. It is more difficult to work with dumbbells than with a barbell, since it is necessary to keep balance, so remove another 10 kg. In total, you will need two dumbbells of 20 kg each. Therefore, if you want to work on a lot, purchase heavier disks in advance.
For relief and tone. To maintain weight and hone the terrain, perform 12-15 repetitions in 4-5 sets with a weight of 60-65% of the maximum for you. This does not mean that the weight cannot be increased with each approach, the percentages relate to the main part of the load. Beginners can start with dumbbells weighing 8-12 kg.
For fat burning. To quickly say goodbye to extra pounds, perform at least 15-17 repetitions in 4-5 sets with a weight of 50-60% of the maximum possible. If it is very difficult, then reduce the weight to 30-40% of the maximum, but follow as many approaches as possible. Beginners can start with dumbbells weighing 3-8 kg.
Rest between sets from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Between exercises 3-4 minutes.

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If you want to not only work on the muscles, but also lose weight, then 3 times a week do the proposed strength training and 1-2 times a week cardio workout. With proper nutrition and regular exercise, you will burn fat and tone the body.


This strategy allows men to train only a few times a week:

  1. On the 1st day, select a moderate intensity and volume load designed to create a so-called base for subsequent training;
  2. On the 2nd day, increase the intensity to build muscle strength and prepare the body for the third workout;
  3. The third day is a high-volume training program that provides muscle growth and muscle mass increase.

It’s no lie that this is hard work and you will be exhausted on the last training day of each week, but then you will have two whole days to rest.

On weekends you may be tempted by the idea of setting up another power training. Do not do this. According to Smith, every training should be performed once in a microcycle (one week). There must be at least one day off between them. A visit to the gym should be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to free the weekend.



During each workout, you will perform alternating sets of exercises, consisting of complex, multi-joint movements. Complex exercises involve a huge number of muscle fibers at the same time, providing a greater return on the money spent. You will perform these complex exercises in several alternating approaches, since they are devilishly exhausting.

How to implement alternating approaches? Do the first exercise (for example, pull-ups), and then rest for a certain amount of time. After you have rested, do the following exercise. Continue until all the recommended approaches are followed, and then proceed to the next group of exercises.

Do not forget to rest. Rest is simply necessary to achieve the optimal result.


Choose a load that will allow you to perform all the recommended repetitions, keeping control and shape. Smith leaves in reserve one or two repetitions at the very beginning, and during the third training works until muscle failure. If you feel that you can perform more repetitions with the last approach, increase the weight next week.


Such exercises do not take much time, so you do not have to run your schedule so tight. Smith chooses to run as a cardio. Running affects the buttocks, quadriceps and calves, reducing fat reserves. Running outdoors strengthens muscles and joints. A different terrain will not allow you to abstract and move on autopilot. If you are injured and can not run, ride a bicycle.

  1. On the first day of training, the load should be moderate, as during a normal workout. First jog for 15 minutes, sometimes accelerate for 30 seconds to increase the endurance of the body and burn fat;
  2. On the second day, do more intensive, alternating between 500 m running and 500 m jogging (all you need to run 3 km);
  3. On the third day, again, 3 km is to be fled. After running 1.5 km, jog 500 m to recover.


If you overeat or drink alcohol for a few days, consider that a week of work in the gym went under the tail. Because now you are doing less than usual, and should pay even more attention to your diet. If you want to practice just three times a week and release the weekend, use the rules and dietary recommendations for muscle mass.
program of training in the gym


Day 1 Average intensity and volume

  • Squats with a bar – alternately with the bottom exercise – 4 × 6-8, 1 minute rest.
  • Pull-ups4 × 6-8, 2 minutes of rest.
  • Bench sitting with a bar – alternately with the bottom exercise4 × 6-8, 1 minute rest.
  • Romanian deadlift4 × 8-10, 2 minutes of rest.
  • Clamshell – alternately with the bottom exercise4 × 20-30, without rest.
  • Bending of arms with a bar standing4 × 8-10, 1 minute rest.
  • Treadmill15 minutes.

Day # 2 High intensity

  • Front squats In sequence with the lower exercise – 5 × 3-5, 90 seconds of rest.
  • Thrust rod in the slope5 × 5, 2 minutes of rest.
  • Bench press with barbellAlternately with the bottom exercise5 × 3-5, 90 seconds of rest.
  • Romanian deadlift5 × 5, 2 minutes of rest.
  • Back twisting4 × 10-15, 2 minutes rest.
  • Treadmill3 km.

Day No. 3 Volumetric

  • Squats with a bar – alternately with a lower exercise – 4 × 12-15, 90 seconds of rest.
  • Pulling up4 × max, 90 seconds of rest.
  • Dumbbell press with inclined upwards – alternately with the bottom exercise – 4 × 12-15, 90 seconds of rest.
  • Bulgarian squats4 × 15-20, 90 seconds of rest.
  • Bending the hand on Scott’s bench – alternately with the bottom exercise – 4 × 12-15, without rest.
  • French press sitting with a dumbbell4 × 12-15, without rest.
  • Roller for press4 × 15, 1 minute of rest.
  • Treadmill4 km.