15 tips for fat burning. Advanced level for Women

Studies show that the deposition of fat in the body is influenced by many factors besides the amount of food!

In drawing up a diet for a beautiful press, it is important to consider the intake and consumption of calories. According to some experts, only this matters. But any woman experienced in this matter, even a non-professional athlete, will confirm: the further you go on the path of losing weight, the less effective and reliable calorie math becomes. Metabolism, hormones and even the way we think are different depending on whether we want to reduce the percentage of body fat to 20% or we have already passed this stage and want 10%. Attention must be paid not only to what and how much we eat, but also to how, when and with what attitude.

My 15 tips will help you to finally see the cubes of your press and the similarities with fitness models in the mirror. At the same time, none of the tips is not related to the amount of food. After all, we know the simple truth: if you want to lose weight, eat less. When the diet is already properly selected and works well, our efforts in the gym and at the table can be even more effective!

1. Sleep longer

Sleep more to lose weight
Sleep more to lose weight

Recently, a lot of research has been done on the connection between the wrong sleep patterns and the collection of fat mass. It seems that the restriction of sleep during the diet inhibits the release of peptide hormones ghrelin (responsible for hunger) and glucocagon-like peptide-1 (responsible for the feeling of satiety). People sleeping a little, usually in the morning have a high level of ghrelin and a low level of glucocagon-like peptide-1 throughout the day. Therefore, maintaining a normal sleep mode (8-10 hours, but not 6!) Will help to more easily tolerate diet and appropriate restrictions in eating.

2. Carbohydrates must be hard.


The feeling of satiety after eating, as you already know (see item 1), is the result of complex processes in the body, and not just fullness of the stomach. The main scientific hypothesis is that the more caloric the food, the more satisfying it is. However, this is not always the case. A recent study by Harvard Medical School has shown that eating sugary drinks causes a significantly lower saturating effect than solid carbohydrate foods of the same calorie content. Therefore, it is important to drink non-caloric drinks on the diet: coffee, tea, juices and compotes without additional sugar, cocktails without syrups, soda without sugar hyperextensions at home (Cola Zero, Pepsi Light). Yes, soda can be! But do not abuse.

3. Bite off less

Bite less to burn fat
Bite less to burn fat

Slower absorption of food helps to lose weight. Swiss psychologists have recently considered the dependence of overeating on bite size and the rate of food intake. Their study showed that those who bite off a lot and quickly, like animals under the influence of instincts, as a result eat more. It was also determined that the fastest and most greedy eaters weighed the most. The conclusion is this: you need to eat slowly, biting off small pieces. Do not worry, nobody will take away your food!

4. Make the diet more stringent

Diet regimen
Diet regimen

Previously, science was focused on what we eat, but not when. But mealtime is equally important for understanding weight gain. Studies have shown that food should be more or less systematic, at the same hours. Our body loves regularity and predictability, so if you feed it at a certain time, it will quietly function and consume fat, without worrying about what may come “starvation time”.

5. Avoid spree on weekends

Weekends party

How many times have we caught ourselves thinking that after such a tumultuous weekend, we still need a day off? And not because it is so pleasant to rest at home with a book or in the park. And because we, having charged ourselves with energy drinks or alcohol, go to the raid on the night bars. According to research, such activity conflicts with our biological clock and can make us thicker. Yes, man is a completely daytime creature, because we have neither night vision, nor special hearing, nor scent to navigate the night. This even has the name “social jet-lag” (the syndrome of changing “time zones” at the weekend). If you want to lose excess fat and not gain it, live in harmony with your biological clock. This does not mean that you can not sometimes indulge yourself with a party with a glass or another of dry wine or light beer (of course, without chips). All this is possible, but until midnight, and then – to go home to bed.

6. Wash down food with plain water.

A glass of water and foods
A glass of water and foods

Recent studies have shown that adults drinking food with sweet carbonated drinks most often chose salty, high-calorie foods, avoiding vegetables. At the same time, children who received water with food ate more vegetables, and in general their food choices were healthier. Scientists have concluded that since our childhood an association of sugary drinks with unhealthy food is laid in our mind, and the presence of sugary drinks in the menu can affect our eating habits.

7. Visualize and fantasize

If you have ever sat on a strict diet for a long time, then you know how rampant and bright can be the desire to eat too much. Sometimes we can go into the “binge” overeating. According to a recent study, using only the imagination, you can completely avoid the temptations during a diet. It is necessary during bouts of hunger to represent yourself doing your favorite thing or yourself in very good shape. For example, in front of you is a box of cakes, well, you really want to wipe it off the face of the earth. Stop for a minute and imagine how you are in a beautiful new swimsuit, without unnecessary folds on your stomach, frolic on the beach on vacation … And you will eat one cake instead of a whole box. This method, by the way, is much more effective than distraction from thoughts by an effort of will or mental exercises (such as telling the alphabet backwards).

8. Destroy patterns

Over the years, coaches have advised clients who want to lose weight to do multi-repetitive approaches, cardio on an empty stomach to increase fat burning. Although theoretically such advice makes sense, their results are either poorly understood, or increased efficiency is proved only on professional athletes (hungry cardio is more effective than usual, only when you are already at a very high physical level and already very low in% fat. If you have 25% or more fat, do not do a hungry cardio). By the way, there are studies, on the contrary, confirming the increase in metabolic rate during cardio 1 hour after breakfast.

9. Put protein at the head of the table.

High protein foods
High protein foods

We all know how important it is to limit protein intake to calorie restriction. Studies have shown that with intensive strength training, you need to consume 2-3 grams of protein per kg of body weight per day. That is, your diet should be at least 35% of protein for any purpose, including losing weight.

10. Calm, only calm

Stress adversely affects the health, well-being, quality and sleep patterns. If stress prevails in your life, the level of cortisol in the body rises, and the growth hormone decreases. This leads to fatigue without cause, an increase in body fat and poor weight gain — even if you exercise and eat well. Recent studies have shown that the easiest ways to deal with stress are: communicating with animals and nature, children, and listening to classical music. For example, the music of Mozart allows doctors to give patients with anxiety much less sedatives, increases the concentration of growth hormone in the blood plasma and reduces the levels of hormones associated with stress.

11. Sweeten life

You have probably heard about the study of the relationship of insulin resistance and weight gain with the use of artificial sweeteners. According to some scientific data, our brain associates sweetness with calories. When we destroy this familiar relationship by the use of artificial sweeteners, it only enhances the desire for sweets, which leads to overeating. But not so long ago, experts found out that not all sweeteners are equally harmful. The use of Sucralose (Splendi) causes no more subjective and hormonal hunger than just water. But there is one minus of sucralose – it has calorie and carbohydrate levels. What is not everyone’s favorite natural stevia. But, if you control the consumption of a sugar substitute and do not overeat it, I would advise you to choose sucralose. Because, unlike natural stevia, it causes allergic reactions much less often and is much less laxative. Many sweeteners on store shelves are a mix of these and other components.

12. Do not quarrel with husband.

Happy couple
Happy couple

Researchers at the University of California revealed the influence of home relations on the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol. They argue that married couples, by building relationships, can regulate each other’s mood and cortisol levels, as well as soften the effects of stress at work.

13. Down with work at night

Studies have shown that obesity and metabolic disorders are more common among people working at night. Especially bad for us is the light at night. Even a dim lamp can break our meal schedule and mixes our metabolism. To avoid evening eating, make sure that the evening at home was a minimum of light and be sure to turn off the light and curtain the curtains when you go to bed, even during the day.

14. Do not oversupply

For years, we were told that saturated fats are harmful to health, but now this has yet another confirmation. Recent studies have shown that diets with high content of saturated fats (paleo diet, Atkins diet, keto diet) provoke increased calorie intake. In addition, people who consume a lot of saturated fat are more likely to accumulate fat in the abdominal area (stomach and sides) than people who prefer unsaturated fats, while having the same calorie diet.
And finally, the most important thing:

15. Before raising your buttocks, lose weight!


This speaks not only common sense, but science. It has been proven that a high content of fat in the body provokes an increase in the secretion of the enzyme P450 aromatase, which is located in our fat cells. It causes our testosterone (responsible for building muscle mass) to turn into estradiol. But we, women, have testosterone and so little, it is worth our weight in gold! Decreased testosterone levels and increased estradiol cause accelerated fat deposition and slower muscle growth. Therefore, if you have a little excess fat (more than 25% of the total body mass), it is better to first get rid of it, at least up to 18-20% of fat. This will help to establish the correct production of hormones.

And, believe me, nobody will notice your muscles, even if they are under a layer of fat. Your ass should not be a huge jelly. This not only does not cause an association with fitness, but also with the aesthetics of the body in general.